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Sulmon Sattari ( on Thursday, May 4, 2000 at 20:43:42

Deck: alastoisey

Description: Sorry the names crappy but i just thought of it
this second(it means alakazam blastoise and chansey)
well, i use my chanseys to move damage from my other pokemon to
them and then i use scoop up to bring them back to my hand and revive
them i also have blastoises which are very good
sorry if this deck's too hard to make but i just get lucky in trades and booster packs
please e-mail me at and tell me if its good
i couldnt find your e-mail adress on the site so ijust want to tell
you to put up chansey, alakazam and scoop up as one of your combos
and tentacool and alakazam as another one
e-mail me if you want to know why

Contents: 11 psycic energy
11 water energy
1 dratini
1 dark dragonair
2 fossil ghastly
1 basic haunter
1 fossil haunter
2 gengar
2 chansey
2 abra
2 kadabra
2 alakazam
1 lapras
1 ditto
2 squirtle
2 wartortle
2 aklakazam
4 scoop up
1 bill
3 pluspower
3 energy removal
1 psyduck
1 golduck