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Nick Tanner ( on Monday, January 24, 2000 at 10:46:22

Deck: Bio-stasis

Description: The ultimate haymaker deck! Nothing can beat
it! Get Areodactyl on to the bench as fast as
you can to stop your opponents cold! Hasn't
lost once to any deck! Not even Haymakers! Has
won 6 tourny

Contents: 3 Hitmonlees
4 hitmonchans
3 Aerodactyls
4 Kangaskhans
3 Chanseys(Don't use to stall, use his attack to
24 fighting energy
4 double colorless energy
4 mysterious fossils
2 super potion
2 prof. oaks
3 comp searches
2 switches
2 gusts of wind
2 super energy removals