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David ( on Sunday, June 25, 2000 at 01:32:12

Deck: Bully

Description: The deck's rather a cheap one, using aerodactyl and
lots of Energy removals.Jigglypuffs are useful eariler in the game
to help you build up your Hitmochans andso on. Electabuzz can help
to get rid of water pokes. Tauros might be of some help. Energy
searches are great for Two energgy decks like this. You'll never
know When you need one.Energy retrivals can be life saver so do the Oaks

Contents: Pokemons(14)
4x Hitmochan
4x Electabuzz
2x Jigglypuff
2x Tauros
2x Aerodactyl
3x Mysterious Fossil
4x Energy Removal
4x S. Energy Removal
2x Pro. Oak
2x Energy Retrival
2x Com. Search
2x Energy Search
4x Pluspower
2x D.Colourless
9x Electric
12x Figthing