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Grant ( on Sunday, February 27, 2000 at 22:53:11

Deck: Colourless Kicker

Description: This deck is a great way to polish of the enemy.

Contents: There is only 1 number of each card that u use
(except for SUPER POTION).
It still kicks.

Colourless Fighting

Fearow Rhyhorn
Clefairy Rhydon
Clefable Machamp
Spearow Machoke
Snorlax Machop
Rattata Digglet
Raticate Dugtrio
Porygon Primeape
Lickitung Cubone


Energy Retrieval
Pokemon Center
2 Super Potion

9 Water
24 Fighting
1 Double Colourless

Round Up

19 Pokemon
6 Trainers
35 Energy