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Damage Manipulator by Michael Sneed

Cards in Deck

Psychic x24
Abra x4
Kadabra x3
Alakazam x2
Mr. Mime x2
Ghastly(Fossil) x4
Haunter(Fossil) x3
Gengar x2
Chansey x2
Itemfinder x2
Computer Search x4
Gust of Wind x4
Pokemon Center x4

My idea here is to manipulate damage counters of yours (using Alakazam) and your opponents (using Gengar). Use Mr. Mime as your active pokemon with Gengar on your bench; using Gengar's pokemon power, Mr. Mime's Meditate does more damage if opponent tries benching pokemon. Also, Mr. Mime's Invisible Wall plus Alakazam's Damage Swap stops all damage done to Mr. Mime. Where does all of this damage go? Hopefully, it will go to your benched Chansey. after a good, long while, Chansey will eventually run low on HP, so just Pokemon Center it and your all set. Chansey is also good against another Psychic deck, since she has a resistence of Psychic. Also, in extreme cases, Chansey may be used as an attacking Pokemon with Double-Edge, and Alakazam can Damage Swap the damage to another benched Pokemon. The Gust of Wind's are mainly for the pokemon that kills this deck the most: Muk. Eliminating this Pokemon is crucial to this deck's survival. This deck is also good against Haymaker decks because it stalls there speed so much; Haunter should especially be used against such decks.

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