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tyler ( on Tuesday, June 6, 2000 at 17:45:03

Deck: dark and evil deck

Description: the idea of this deck is to discard all energys attached
to the defending pokemon with poliwarth's whirlpool and then take
it out dark blastoise's hydro canyon.
(this was my first deck,its not that bad.

Contents: dratini lv 12
dark dragonair lv 28
dark dragonite lv 33
squirtle lv 16
dark wartortle lv 21
dark blastoise lv 28
magikarp lv 6
dark gyarados lv 31
ratata lv 12
dark raticate lv 25
machop lv24
dark machoke lv 28
dark machamp lv 30
articuno lv 35
seel lv 12
dewgong lv 42
poliwag lv 13
poliwhirl lv 28
poliwrath lv48
pidgey lv 8
pidgeotto lv 36
pidgeot lv 40

pokemon breeder
scoop up
here comes team rocket!
energy retrievel
plus power(2)
energy removal
pokie ball

10 water
10 fighting
full heal energy
potion energy
double colorless
rainbow energy