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Eat Dirt by Yin Tsai

Cards in Deck

4 weedle
2 kakuna
3 beedrill
3 hitmonchan
3 machop
1 machoke
3 pidgey
2 pidgeotto
1 pidgeot
2 kangaskhan
1 chansey
10 fighting energy
10 grass energy
3 potion
2 defender
4 double colorless energy
2 super potion
2 gust of wind
1 switch
1 pokemon breeder

use the grass poke'mon to poison the enemy, then start using hitmonchan's jab and machop's lowkick, which does 20 damage for only one energy! then use kangaskhan's comet punch to do serious damage, or you can use pidgy/pigeotto/pidgeot's attacks to kick butt!

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