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CHAD FRANCISCO (PiXxY on Thursday, April 20, 2000 at 20:54:26

Deck: fast hit deck

Description: This deck is mainly to destroy fighting pokemon with
pyhcic weakness. This deck offers you a wide varity of choices to
make, it also allows you to attack those high hitting pokemon like
blastoise with mr. mime. It also gives a really good combo with
mr mime and scyther, it allows you to attack with scyther and then
retreat to finish them off with mr. mime.

Contents: 10x Pychic energy
10x Fighting energy
2x double colorless energy
2x Mr. Mime
2x Mewtwo (promo)
3x Hitmonchan
2x Syther
2x Lickitung
2x computer search
2x professor oak
3x scoop up
2x super potion
2x plus power
2x switch
3x gust of wind
4x super energy removal
3x energy removal
2x energy retreival
2x gambler