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The Forest Fighters by Brandon W

Cards in Deck

25 Grass Energies
2 Nidoran (male)
2 Nidorino
1 Nidoking
2 Oddish
1 Gloom
1 Vileplume
3 Zubat
2 Golbat
2 Bulbasaur
2 Ivysaur
2 Koffing
2 Weezing
2 Ekans
1 Arbok
2 Grimer
1 Muk
2 Bill
2 Gust of Wind
1 Energy Removal
1 Energy Search
1 Super Potion

Try to get out Nidoking, Nidorino, Vileplume, Golbat, Ivysaur, and Muk as soon as possible. Try to use Nidoking's toxic attack to poison somebody bad. Also use Vileplume's petal dance. It can do up to 120 damage. The main thing to do with this deck is to poison your opponent then hit them with the heavy hitters.

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