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Jason ( on Saturday, April 29, 2000 at 16:08:03

Deck: Fire Blaster!

Description: in this deck, the idea is to use Aerodactal`s pokemon
power to stop enemies from evolution while you turn it off and evolve
your charmeleons.(this is an undefeted deck.)

Contents: POKEMON

4 charmander
4 charmeleon
3 charzard (yes i have 3 charzard)
4 magmar
1 aerodactal
3 ditto


27 fire energy
1 double colourless energy


4 gusts of wind
2 miserios fossils
4 revives (charzard, charmeleon, charmander, aerodactal)
3 potions

good luck and remember not to use aerodactal in battle.