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onixx ( on Saturday, January 8, 2000 at 06:16:20

Deck: Grass Heal

Description: The aim of this deck is to get your oddish's up to
vileplume's and bulbasaurs up to venusaurs!

This is done by using pokemon breeder's!
While doing this you should hool off with your scyther's and pinsir's!

Thsi is more of a protection deck, using super potion's and vileplume's pokemon power "heal"!

and when you get vileplume's petal dance (jungle) and petal whirlpool
(rocket), it does a lot of damage! (between 30 to 120. But then
you use full heals to get them out of the confused state!!

Contents: pokemon (20)
4 jungle oddish
4 rocket oddish
1 jungle vileplume
1 rocket vileplume
4 basic bulbasaur
2 basic venusaur
2 jungle scyther
1 jungle pinsir
1 giovanni pinsir

trainers (16)
4 full heal
2 super potions
4 pokemon breeders
3 night garbage retrievals (night waste recovery)
1 prof oak
2 energy retrievals

energies (24)
4 full heal energies
10 grass