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onixx ( on Saturday, January 8, 2000 at 05:59:51

Deck: The Haymaker +

Description: Basiclly it's a haymaker, but with a few cahnges, it
has sycther's elecatzbuzz's and hitmonchans!

but in this haymaker, i have included rocket hitmonchans and surgee's elecatabuzz'es aswell!

so i'd say it is better then just a normal haymeker!!

the aim is to get any pokemon out (scyther, hitmonchan or elecatbuzz)
and kepp attaking untill the very last minute, then use a scoop up!

Contents: pokemon(15)
3 basic hitmonchan
4 jungle scyther
2 rocket hitmonchan
4 basic electabuzz
2 surge electabuzz (non holo, lv 22)

Trainers (19)
4 night garbage retrieval (night waste recovery)
4 scoop up
4 gust of wind
4 power plus
2 computer search
1 prof oak

energy (26)
4 double colourless
12 electric
10 fighting