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By Kelsey J Parsons




2x Exeggutor
2x Nidorina
2x Cubone
3x Exeggcute
3x Nidoran (F)
2x Hitmonlee
2x Graveller
4x Geodude
14x Fighting Energy
10x Grass Energy
3x Psychic Energy
4x Double Colorless Energy
2x PlusPower
2x Energy Removal
2x Potion
Energy Search

Many Pokémon can do a lot of damage if you're good at coin flipping. These Pokémon will defeat all opponents if you can keep flipping heads. Geodude's Stone Barrage attack keeps doing damage until you flip tails. Exeggutor combined with the four double colorless energy cards makes a pretty deadly combo. Marowak and Nidorina can do 60 damage each if you're lucky. The extra Psychic energy is in there in case you want to use Exeggcute's Hypnosis or Exeggutor's Teleport.

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