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KO by Brandon W

Cards in Deck

26 Fighting Energies
3 Machops
3 Machokes
1 Machamp
2 Geodudes
1 Graveler
1 Golem
3 Sandshrew
2 Sandslash
2 Cubones
2 Marowaks
2 Mankeys
2 Primeapes
1 Rhyhorn
1 Rhydon
2 Onix
1 Hitmonchan
1 Hitmonlee
2 Bills
1 Gust of Wind
1 Pokedex

While playing with this deck, try to get out Machamp, Golem, Primeape, Rhydon, Hitmonchan, and Hitmonlee. Here's why: Machamp: 100Hp, Seismic Toss 60, Pokemon Power Strike Back (if they attack Machamp, 10 damage is done to them) Golem: 80Hp, Avalanche 60, Selfdestruct 100 (20 damage to each benched pokemon) Primeape: 70Hp, Fury Swipes up to 60 damage, Tantrum 50 (might confuse you) Rhydon: 100Hp, Horn Attack 30, Ram 50 (20 damage to yourself) switch with weak pokemon, resistance to lightning pokemon Hitmonchan: 70Hp, Jab 20, Special Punch 40 Hitmonlee: 60Hp, Stretch Kick 20 to a opposing bench pokemon, High Jump Kick 50

Also use the pokedex and then a bill two get two good cards you saw. Use the gust of wind to bring out a weak pokemon to go against one of your strong pokemon to get more prize cards.Finally try to get out your Hitmonlee and Golem as soon as possible fully charged with energy and ready for team work. Have Hitmonlee use its stretch kick on the opposing pokemon (use high jump also if the opposing pokemon has a high amount of Hp or is resistant to fighting). Then retreat him, bring out Golem, and use his selfdestruct. You can get all of your prize cards that way.

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