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jack (rotten on Wednesday, June 28, 2000 at 20:04:32

Deck: Mew,Mewtwo,Mew,and(Meowth)???????????

Description: 22 psychic energy

20 poke'mon
4x mews(to look pretty 2 holo and 4 non holo)
2x mewtwo(base set)
2x mewtwo(movie)
2x mewtwo(video insert)
1x meowth(game boy trade card game insert)
3x meowth(rocket)
4x meowth(base set)

20 Trainers
3x bills(base)
3x potion(base)
2x sleep(rocket)
1x professor oak(base)
1x poke'dex(base)
1x challenge(rocket)
1x digger(rocket)
1x the boss's way(rocket)
1x poke'ball(jungle)
2x double colorless energy(base)
2x potion energy(rocket)
2x full heal energy(rocket)

Contents: Its good. All you got to do is play the cards.