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Talen K. Ridlon(Cheetarius Prime) ( on Thursday, June 1, 2000 at 12:01:13

Deck: Mind Force

Description: This is a deck designed similar to Zap! preconstructed
theme deck. The idea is to get your best Pokemon, in this case Electabuzz
and Mr. Mime, quickly and smoothly by discarding two energy cards
for Computer Search. The purpose of the Energy Retrievals is to
get back the ones you require for your Pokemon. The Promo Mewtwo's
attck(Energy Conversion) allows you to make use of a loop-hole,
which makes it possible for you to attach to Psychic energys to
the Base Set Mewtwo, fully powering it. If played right, you'll
be ripping through your opponents decks completely with these monsters!

Contents: x1 Mewtwo, Basic
x1 Mewtwo, Promo
x2 Mew, Promo
x1 Mr. Mime
x1 Haunter, Basic
x2 Gastly, Basic

x1 Raichu, Basic
x1 Raichu, Fossil
x3 Pikachu, Basic
x1 Jolteon, Jungle
x1 Dark Jolteon, Rocket
x2 Eevee, Jungle
x1 Eevee, Rocket
x1 Electabuzz, Basic

x15 Psychic Energy
x14 Electric Energy

x3 Potion
x2 Super Potion
x2 Revive
x1 Bill(all that's needed in this case)
x2 Computer Search
x2 Energy Retreival