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\\'ing Zero 072 ( on Monday, March 13, 2000 at 08:16:40

Deck: Of Mind & Matter

Description: This deck is a kinda a haymaker type. I really don't
know how do u call this kind of deck. N'e'way, this is a fast deck.
It will never let your game halt for a second. The objective of
the deck is to kill all the basic pokemons in play with little time.
That's why plus power is added to the deck. If there's no plus power
and u still can't kill the pokemons, energy removals is use to slow
down the setup of the oponent and to give time for you to have enought
energy to better kill the pokemons of your opponent. Mewtwo will
be the one to bagged down those flying type pokemon and of course
those 40 hp winnies, while Hitmonchan will deal with those psychic
resistant pokemons (most likely colorless pokemons). Raticate w/
Mr. Mime combination will deal with those overgrowth pokemons.

Contents: pokemons:
4 hitmonchan (basic)
3 mewtwo (movie ed.)
4 ratata
2 raticate
2 mr. mime
10 fighting
13 psychic
2 double colorless
4 plus power
4 energy removal
2 super energy removals
2 switch
3 gust of wind
3 prof oak
2 computer search