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jack ( on Friday, May 19, 2000 at 07:31:56

Deck: NoRules

Description: this deck is for strategy once doduo is out put him
on your bench then evolve him into dodrio.when oddish comes out
put on an energy then use sleeppowder next turn poison it then bring
out a powerful pokemon lie dragonite and kill it repeat this many
times youll win when dark dragonair comes in play use its pp to
yake out dodrio keep 2 oddishes non evolved

Contents: f=fossil

11water energy
17grass energy
2double colourless
2potionenergy r
1 fullheal energy r
1 doduo
1 dotrio j
4 dratini 2b 2r
2 dragonair 1b 1r
1 dark dragonite r
2 magicarp b
1 gyrados b
3 oddish r
2 dark gloom r
2 grimer r
1 dark muk r
2 squirtle 1b 1r
1 dark wartortle r
2 psyduck 1f 1r
1 goldduck fossil

2 goop gas attack r
1sleep r