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Tanner ( on Tuesday, July 11, 2000 at 17:30:59

Deck: Out of Time

Description: The thoughts on this deck is to cut down on your opponets
deck. this puts the clock on them and leaves you to take your time.All
of your pokemon have no weakness. no pokemon has a resistence to
them.Moltres can even reduce your opponets deck even more. Articunos
blizzard is perfect sense you will not have much of a bench. Just
be warned that you must not let a single pokemon be knocked out.
this will be like a SUDDEN battle to you and a timed battle
to your opponets. This deck might also be hard to handle, SO PRACTICE

Contents: POKEMON-4
02 -Articuno(F)
02 -Moltres(F)

04 - ion(B)
03 -Super ion(B)
04 -Full Heal(B)
03 - r(F)
02 -Goop Gas Attack(R)

03 -Rainbow Energy(R)
03 -Full Heal Energy(R)
04 - ion Energy(R)
15 -Water Energy
15 -Fire Energy