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Cheetarius Primix ( on Friday, June 9, 2000 at 07:12:46

Deck: Psychic Heat Source

Description: This deck is designed to get out one of the heavy dealling
damage monsters, or one of the defense monsters. Alakazam's Pokemon
Power allows you to keep those Ninetales and Flareons safe. Mr.
Fuji allows you to shuffle those really damages monsters and all
cards attached into your deck. I would have two Promo Mewtwo's,
but his attacks could really damage your side. Mr. Mime issomeone
you can send out when one of the hard-attackers is brought out on
your oponents side. He can block the damage your opponent deals
and keep on moving up the damage he does to the Defending Pokemon.
Recycle allows you to try to get Mr. Fuji back. And, thankfully, usually you are successful.

Contents: 14 Fire Energy
2 Ninetales
3 Vulpix
1 Flareon
1 Dark Flareon
3 Eevee

14 Psychic Energy
1 Mewtwo
2 Mew
1 Alakazam
2 Kadabra
3 Abra
1 Mr. Mime

3 Potions
3 Super Potions
2 Revive
2 Recycle
2 Mr. Fuji