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onixx ( on Saturday, January 8, 2000 at 05:45:11

Deck: Psy Stall

Description: This is a Complete stall deck!

Basically you start off with abra's and then by using pokemon trader's
you can get your pokemon/ evolution cards out faster!

The aim of this deck is to get your basic alakazam out and keep
using damage swap and then evedentully pokemon centre!

I have included jungle mr mime's to stop rain dance and haymaker
decks, because of its invisible wall!

Also i have got switch's to stop peole form gusting out the alakazam
and killing it! And even if they kill it, then i have put in some
night garbage retrievals (night waste recovery )to get them back!

Contents: pokemon (22)
4 basic abra's
4 rocket abra's
2 basic kadabra's
2 rocket kadabra's
2 basic alakazam
2 fossil gastly
1 jynx
2 movie mewtwo
1 basic mewtwo
2 mr mime

trainers (19)
2 potions
2 pokemon centres
3 night garbage retrieval (night waste recovery)
3 gust of winds
2 pokemon trader's
2 energy retrievals
2 bills
2 switch's
1 super energy removal

19 psychic energy