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Psywave by Pyro16

The object of my deck is to retrieve Alakazam and use the damage swap to Move the damage onto benched Pokémon. This is where Onix comes into play. Using Mr. Mime will aid you in completing the stall, especially against heavy hitters like Machamp, Venusaur or Blastoise. Then while you move the damage, move all of it onto Pokemon without energy and play Pokemon Center(Don't play energy on Onix unless you have to). This will enfuriate the opponent trust me. You can run them out of cards easily but I usually defeat the opponent. Then because you're stalling, the opponent will have to switch Pokemon a lot, creating a loss of energy. Also the damage on the opposing benched pokemon will gather up and you can use the Gust of Winds, Gengar or Hitmonlee to kill off some of them. Wigglytuff and Hitmonchan are good Pokémon to attack with because they can easily take out opponents. The only thing is to try to leave Alakazam on your bench at all times. If you get stuck with Alakazam or Onix - Use the switches. 20 energy is the only amount of energy needed in any deck, but in this deck it's plenty because you can use Energy Conversion with Gastly (fossil) and the two Energy Retrievals Help. Jynx can be substituted with anything, (a Super Energy Removal for example) but I like it for the Meditate attack. Mewtwo is also great against heavy hitters that require a lot of energy.

Cards in Deck

Energy (20)
14 Psychic Energy
5 Fighting Energy
1 Double Colorless Energy
Pokemon (28)
1 Hitmonlee
1 Hitmonchan
2 Mr. Mime
1 Jynx
1 Mewtwo
4 Onix
3 Gastly (fossil)
2 Haunter (fossil)
1 Gengar
4 Abra
3 Kadabra
2 Alakazam
2 Jigglypuff
1 Wigglytuff
Trainers (12)
2 Energy Retrieval
2 Energy Removal
4 Pokemon Center
2 Switch
2 Gust Of Wind

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