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Psychic Punch by Aubrey Perry

Cards in Deck

4 Hitmonchans
4 Gastlys (Fossil)
4 Haunters (Base)
4 Gengars
4 Scythers
4 Mr. Mimes
4 Bills
2 Energy Removals
1 Energy Retrieval
4 Double Colorless
10 Fighting Energy
15 Psychic Energy


The key to this deck is to get the heavy hitters Hitmonchans and Gengars into play. The Scythers provide an attack that helps the deck out when in need of basic. The Mr. Mimes are to stall your enemy long enough to charge up your bench, while attacking him with increasing damage each time. The Bills help get through the deck faster. The Energy Removals are to temporairly slow down your opponent. The Energy Retrieval is to gain lost energy, while the double colorless charges up your Scythers faster then you say Bueno.

When the Mr. Mime's are in play, charge up your bench first, then him. They are more for suicide runs while getting the ultimate power of the deck, the Gengars into play. The Hitmochans serve as a quick attack while you are in trouble, and keep you in the game longer. The Scythers are used for upfront attacking. Put them in there with any energy and you have an attack that can almost always gos and a quick retreat.

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