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poketay ( on Monday, April 24, 2000 at 22:03:24

Deck: Quick Attack

Description: The point of this deck is to inflect damage fast while
charging hitmonlees High Jump kick and Hitmonchans special punch.
This is my first deck and it is pretty good.

Contents: (17) Pokemon (17)

x3 hitmonchans
x2 hitmonlees
x4 machops
x3 machokes
x1 machamp
x4 rattata

(21) Trainers (21)

x3 defenders
x2 pluspowers
x2 gust of winds
x2 pokemon traders
x2 proffesor oaks
x4 bill
x3 energy removal
x3 switches

(22) Energies (22)

x22 fighting energies