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By Kelsey J Parsons




2x Machamp
2x Mewtwo
2x Jynx
3x Machoke
2x Drowzee
4x Machop
2x Mr.Mime
2x Spearow
3x Ditto
12x Fighting Energy
15x Psychic Energy
2x Double Colorless Energy
2x Energy Retrieval
2x Bill
2x Gust Of Wind
2x Potion

When using this deck, the longer your opponent plays, the sooner he/she loses. This is done with Pokémon who can deal damage depending what your opponent does. Mewtwo deals extra damage every time the defending Pokémon gets an energy card. Jynx and Mr.Mime double the damage your opponent has taken before adding more. Machamp hits your opponent every time your opponent hits you. Spearow copies your opponent's attack and Ditto copies your opponent's Pokémon. Hypno was added to prevent your opponent from getting his/her best cards.

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