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By Kelsey J Parsons




2x Ivysaur
3x Bulbasaur
3x Caterpie
2x Metapod
2x Exeggcute
3x Kabutops
4x Kabuto
12x Fighting Energy
16x Grass Energy
Pokémon Breeder
2x Energy Retrieval
Super Potion
2x Potion
4x Mysterious Fossil

Sometimes potions aren't enough to keep your Pokémon fighting. These Pokémon however, can keep themselves in the battle with their healing powers. Bulbasaur and Exeggcute use their Leech Seed attack to deal 20 damage while restoring 10 HP of their own health. Kabutops and Butterfree deal 40 damage with Absorb and Mega Drain and also restore half the damage they dish out. Three potions are added for extra protection and the Pokémon Breeder will help you reach the stage two Pokémon sooner.

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