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Chad ( on Friday, July 21, 2000 at 23:47:19

Deck: Sabrina's Wrath

How this deck works out: is the Alakazams are used to swap damage
counters constantly with Alakazam's Pokemon Power of Damage Swap,
which allows you to move damge counters form one of your pokemon
to another one of your pokemon. Then if they take too much damage,
you can swap it to someone with a lot of health and no energys like
another Alakazam or Slowking. After that make sure no one has energy
and damage at the same time and then use a Pokemon Center.

You're main attackers are: Dark Alakazam, Mr. Mime, and Sabrina's
Alakazam. Here are separate strategies for each of them:
Dark Alakazam: The great thing about this card is that his attack
of Mind Shock does 40 damage going throught weakness and resistance.
(This way you don't have to worry about pesky Colorless Pokemon
with a resistance to Psychic Type). The bad thing is that he only
has 60 health. But, an Alakazam on the Bench can clear that up.
His other attack of Teleport Blast does 30 damage applying weakness
and resistance, and also allows you to switch him with one of your
benched pokemon. Here's why you play the Fossil Haunter: Use Teleport
Blast and then switch Dark Alakazam with the Fossil Haunter. As
you may or may not know Haunter's Pokemon Power is Transparancy
which means: that if the defending pokemon attacks you can flip
a coin if heads the attack does nothing and no additional effects
of the attack happen. This way Haunter can take no damage every
turn if you are lucky enough. The bad thing about Haunter is that
he only has 50 Health. If he does just move the damage to another
pokemon with Alakazam. After you're opponent's turn is over you
may retreat Haunter because he has no retreat cost and put back
in Dark Alakazam and repeat the process until one of them dies.
If one of them dies just use a nightly garbage run to get them back into your deck.
Mr.Mime: The Mr. Mime combo is just simple. His Pokemon Power is
Invisable Wall wich doesn't allow his to take more than twenty damage
from an attack each turn. But, if he does the attack does nothing.
Mr. Mime only has 40 health though. So, an attack of twenty damage
two turns results of him dying. Heres the trick: every time he take
damage move it to another one of your other pokemon with Alakazam.
This little trick makes Mr. Mime invincible for a long time. However,
there is one cards you need to look out for that can kill Mr. Mime
with one attack. Nidoking can destroy a Mr. Mime with his attack
of Toxic. Which does 20 damage and poisons them to take an additional
20 damage at the end of everyone's turn. So at the end of your opponent's
first turn of damaging Mr. Mime Mr. Mime is KO'ed. Your only defence
I suggest is Gust of Wind and bring out his Nidoking and kill it
in one attack with Sabrina's Alakazam attack of Psychic Burn which
does 60 damage. Nidoking's weakness is Psychic so this attack would kill him in one turn.
Sabrina's Alakazam: This card in itself is extremly powerful. With
80 health and an attack that does 60 damage for one Psychic energy
and 3 colorless energy called Psychic Burn although you can use
it the next turn it atleast damages colorless pokemon. Well, to
make combos with this powerful card: He has a Pokemon Power of Psychic
Link that allows you to give him a Pokemon Power of anyother of
your pokemon. I suggest giving him Invisible Wall from Mr. Mime
allowing him to only take twenty damage each turn or Transparancy
from Haunter which means: that if the defending pokemon attacks
you can flip a coin if heads the attack does nothing and no additional
effects of the attack happen. If he does take damage just move it
to another one of your other pokemon with Damage Swap from Alakazam.

The Choosy Pokemon: Other pokemon that I gave you the option to
use Dark Dragonair, Dark Slowbrow, or Slowking. Each of them have
thier advantages and disadvantages:
Dark Dragonair: Dark Dragonair is a good pokemon just in case you
would like to be faster or just have something to fight against
another Psychic Deck. He also has a pokemon power of Evolutionary
Light which allows you each turn to search your deck for an evolution
card and then shuffle it. His bad part is that he only has 60 health.
Dark Slowbrow: Dark Slowbrow isn't a good attacker or either good
with damage with only 60 health. But, I only use it for ressurecting
a pokemon that has been Ko'ed like Alakazam. His Pokemon Power is
Reel In that says that when you play Dark Slowbrow from your hand
you can go through your discard pile and grab three evolution and/or
basic pokemon cards and put them into your hand. This allows you to do what I aforementioned.
Slowking: Although not a great attacker, I recomend that you choose
this card to use because he has as much health as Alakazam and also
has an awesome Pokemon Power of Compare Knownledge which says that
whenever your opponent uses a trainer he must flip a coin, if tails...
the trainer is discarded and does nothing. This sets your opponent of guard greatly.

Trainers: The trainers also makes your deck very strong.
Pokemon Breeder: This card allows you to get your Alakazams out
quickly by saying that you can put a Stage 2 Evolution Card from
your hand on the matching basic pokemon. You can only play this
card when you would be able to evolve any way. What this means is
that during your turn you may evolve a basic pokemon into its stage
2 pokemon form. For example you may evolve Abra into Alakazam if
you have the card in your hand.
Nightly Garbage Run: This lets you bring energy and pokemon back
from your discard pile and put them into your deck. I use this only
when I need energy or a great Pokemon is KO'ed like Alakazam. This card is extremly usefull.
Super Energy Removal: This trainer allows you to stall very badly
by forcing your opponent to discard up to 2 energy cards not allowing
him to use attacks which allow alot of energy. This is really effective
against fire pokemon, the legendary birds, water pokemon with water
gun attacks and Venusaur decks. The downside of the card is that
you must discard 1 energy card from one of your own pokemon in play in order to use the trainer.
Super Potion: What else would you use this card for besides removing
an energy card to remove 4 damage counters.
Pokemon Center: This card is great for Blastoise and Venusaur.
But, for this deck it is good for Alakazam by moving all the damage
counters to Alakazam/or and another pokemon with no energy on them.
Then double check to make sure that there is no damage on anyone
with energy and use it. By saying: remove all damage counters from
all of your own pokemon with damage on them, then discard all energy
cards attached to those pokemon.
Gust of Wind: This is only for something annoying on the bench
to kill quick like an annoying Charmander or something. If you don't
think you need this you can replace it with an energy, Bill, or
anything you choose that you think would help. But, remember that
Nidoking can devistate Mr. Mime.

Muk, Nidoking, Aerodactyl, Dark Vileplume, Mr. Mime, and Energy:
Behold your weaknesses. Hope you enjoy them. For Muk: Gust of Wind
if it is not the defending pokemon and destroy it. For Nidoking:
Gust of Wind and bring out his Nidoking and kill it. For Aerodactyl:
Gust of Wind and then use Mr. Mime or any evolution that hits heavy
that you were able to play before Aerodactyl was in play. For Dark
Vileplume: If it is active wail on it. If it is not, find out what
your opponents pokemon are before you play. If one is Dark Vileplume,
replace the Gust of Wind with a Gengar and Dark Mind it to death.
For Mr. Mime: Use Haunter, it will die don't worry. If you have
problems with energy. Toss somebody out that you think is no longer
important than add the energy equal to the cards that you discarded.

Contents: Alakazamx2
Abrax3 (Team Rocket)
Dark Kadabrax1
Dark Alakazamx1
Sabrina's Abrax1
Sabrina's Kadabrax1
Sabrina's Alakazamx1
Mr. Mimex1
Gastlyx1 (Fossil)
Haunterx1 (Fossil)
Dratinix1 (Team Rocket) or Slowpokex1(Base)
Dark Dragonairx1 or Dark Slowbrowx1 or Slowkingx1

Pokemon Breederx4
Nightly Garbage Runx3
Super Energy Removalx4
Super Potionx3
Pokemon Centerx3
Gust of Windx1

Psychic Energyx24
Double Colorless Energyx1