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RAIchu the Great ( on Friday, March 3, 2000 at 19:57:14

Deck: Speed Fighting Deck

Description: This deck uses fighting- colorless pokemons with enough
energies and trainers. Check it out!

First, start with the fighting pokemons (Machop or Hitmonchan) to
do immediately lethal damage, or doduo when facing fighting deck
or with kangaskhan, so you can easily draw a card and you can easily set-up your next moves.

For your next moves, try to setup your dodrio, so you can retreat
most of your pokemons anytime or let it be attacked by your opponent
and use its rage. Also your dragonair, to use its abilities, esp.
hyperbeam to remove an energy. My dragonair is a great mix with
the energy removals and super energy removals. This will make your
opponent think of what he'll do with his pokemons without energies!
And lastly, of course hitmonchan and hitmonlee, with their jab,
special punch, stretch kick, and high jump kick.

I've used this deck many times already and out of 36 games, I've
won 31 times! The only problem with this deck is when you are fighting
with a deck with many flying pokemons, which has a resistance to
fighting! Out of my 5 losses, I lost 3 times to a flying deck, and
2 by library depletion. But as a whole, I'm really proud of my deck.

P.S. (Some Notes)
Kangaskhan as my bill
use super energy removals first, then remove some damage counters
(pokemon center), and use energy retrieval! (Combos)

Contents: Energy Cards: (22)
18 Fighting Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy

Pokemon Cards: (20)
3 Hitmonchan
3 Hitmonlee
2 Machop
3 Doduo
2 Dodrio
3 Dratini
2 Dragonair
2 Kangaskhan

Trainer Cards: (18)
4 Energy Removal
4 Super Enery Removal
2 Professor Oak
2 Pokemon Center
2 Energy Retrieval
2 Switch
2 Gust