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Elxalraj ( on Monday, May 8, 2000 at 17:05:55

Deck: ThermalShock

Description: I tried to make a pretty simple deck for a friend (he
didn't have that many cards to choose from), the only hard cards
to get are Electabuzz and Computer Search (i would say Khangaskhan,
but out of some 20 boosters, i have around 8 K's). The strategy
is simple, being it my friend wanted pokemon over trainers, i shifted
the ratio to have 15 trainers and 20 pokemon, which seems to work
pretty good. There is no specific strategy, that's the good part..
one way which works pretty well (or so has my friend said) is using
growlithe and rattata, while using lots of trainers, to not exactly
stall, but rather entertain the game while you bench in magmar or
electabuzz, other than that.. simple patience.

Contents: [Energies (25)]
10x Lightning
15x Fire
[Trainers (15)]
2x Gust Of Wind
2x Energy Removal
3x Bill
3x Potion
2x Super Potion
3x Computer Search
[Pokemon (16B,4E=20)]
4x Magmar
4x Electabuzz
3x Growlithe
2x Arcanine
3x Rattata
2x Ratticate
2x Khangaskhan