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James ( on Sunday, May 28, 2000 at 17:00:14

Deck: Tsunamiad

Description: This deck is based on killing Blastiose's. I'ts super
energy removals slow down Blastiose so he can't move a finger. If
vaporeon or Omystar attack first then they are sure to win the second
time they attack. Then you have the Goop gas attack wich stops him
from using that evil pokemon power for 1 turn. You also have the
more evil super energy removals to do it all over again!!



basic Pokemon:
4: eevees 1 in rocket
2: Omonytes
1: Lapras
2: Squirtle's

Stage 1 pokemon:
4: Vaporeons
1: Wortortle
1: Omostar

3: Super energy removals
2: Energy removals
3: Energy search
2: Gust of wind
3: Super Potion
2: Goop gas attack
2: Potions