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gokhan sariisik ( on Wednesday, April 19, 2000 at 03:58:07

Deck: Turbo Blastoise

Description: This deck is based on getting a turn two or three blastoise
on board with five water energies attached on it making it possible
for a turn two 60 damage meaning a certain victory. Also with plus
powers included in deck blastoise can take any pokemon on board
in less than two turns. Just try it, really fun to play :)

Contents: 4 Squirtle
4 Blastoise
2 Kangashkan (Fetch, excellent to get cards)
2 Chansey (good wall, cheap to retreat)
4 Plus Power
4 Computer Search
4 Bill
4 Professor Oak
4 Pokemon Breeder
2 Pokemon Trader
1 Scoop Up
25 Water Energy