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Jacob Borden ( on Monday, July 3, 2000 at 09:36:49

Deck: Turtle Destruction Deck

Description: A powerful water deck that will put out any fire. All
the pokemon are very water type pokemon. The trainers help you find
your evolutions or water energy after you released blastoise to
quickly defeat the opposition. The Pokemon power of blastoise lets
you power up your pokemon quickly. Use articuno and kangaskhan to
fight off pokemon while building up to blastiose. Use porygon to
double the damage done by weaker pokemon. It may cost a lot to build
this deck but the power is well worth it. This is my favorite deck
I used in pokemon card for gameboy and destroryed the game.

Contents: 4 squirtle
3 wartortle
2 blastoise
3 staryu
2 starmie
3 magikarp
2 gyarados
4 articuno
1 porygon
1 kangaskhan
16 water energy
4 double colorless
2 professor oak
2 bill
3 computer search
1 pokedex
4 gust of wind
3 potion