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I am just starting to build decks, so bare with me. The decks below are based on some tournament decks I played against. The rest are decks that might or might not work (theoretical). I am going to try to add a deck each week. Please submit your decks to me using this form.
Colors Title of Deck
fight.gif (998 bytes)electric.gif (949 bytes)pys.gif (998 bytes) The Basic Pokemon Rule
fire.gif (979 bytes) On Fire!
water.gif (996 bytes) Rain Dance
grass.GIF (979 bytes) Venusaur's Power
grass.GIF (979 bytes) The Nido Deck
pys.gif (998 bytes) Damage Manipulator
fight.gif (998 bytes)grass.GIF (979 bytes)pys.gif (998 bytes) Heads
grass.GIF (979 bytes)pys.gif (998 bytes) Unmowed Lawn
pys.gif (998 bytes)fight.gif (998 bytes) Reflect
fight.gif (998 bytes)grass.GIF (979 bytes) Restore
fight.gif (998 bytes)grass.GIF (979 bytes) Eat Dirt
fight.gif (998 bytes)pys.gif (998 bytes) Psychic Punch
fight.gif (998 bytes) Basic Fighting Assault
water.gif (996 bytes) Water Barrage
pys.gif (998 bytes)water.gif (996 bytes) Psychic Wash
water.gif (996 bytes) Tidal Wave
fight.gif (998 bytes) Hitmonchan Surprise
fight.gif (998 bytes)pys.gif (998 bytes) Psychic Rock
pys.gif (998 bytes)fight.gif (998 bytes) Psywave
electric.gif (949 bytes)pys.gif (998 bytes) The Wiggly Machine
electric.gif (949 bytes)water.gif (996 bytes) Electric Wave
fire.gif (979 bytes) Firestorm
grass.GIF (979 bytes) The Forest Fighters
electric.gif (949 bytes)water.gif (996 bytes) Wet Down Shock Burn
fight.gif (998 bytes)water.gif (996 bytes) Waterpunch!
fire.gif (979 bytes)water.gif (996 bytes) MegaBomb
fight.gif (998 bytes)pys.gif (998 bytes)electric.gif (949 bytes) Ultimate Haymaker
electric.gif (949 bytes)fight.gif (998 bytes)water.gif (996 bytes) Static Cling
pys.gif (998 bytes)water.gif (996 bytes) Energy Eater
water.gif (996 bytes) Dragon Fire
fight.gif (998 bytes) Destruct-o-Rama