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I finally got this section up. It's kind of difficult to create combos for Pokemon. Here's a few I know.
  • Mewtwo(Movie Promo)in deck w/ 3 Psychic w/ Computer Search - Play computer search and discard two Psychic energy. Get the Mewtwo and then use its ability to get other two energy for 40 damage next turn.
  • Venusaur w/ Exeggcutor(both on bench) - use Venusaur's abilty to move all energy to exeggcutor before the fighting creatures die.
  • alakazam w/ chansey w/ scoop up (all on bench): when damage is done to pokemon, use alakazam's damage swap, move all damage to chansey, use scoop up on chansey, put back on bench, and all damage is gone! (cards1@madisontelco.com)
  • Venusaur w/ Pokemon Center: move all green energy to a healthy pokemon on bench and play pokemon center.All pokemon are now healed. (s.s.bhansing@student.utwente.nl)
  • Pidgeot w/ Aerodactyl: Once you have evolved Pidgey into pidgeot. Play aerodactyl.If your had opponent has any strong evolutions, gust them back to his hand (s.s.bhansing@student.utwente.nl)
  • Alakazam w/ Tentacool. Move two damage counters on Tentacool then use cowardice. Every turn Two damage counters disappear from all your pokemon. (lefreak@wowmail.com)
  • Alakazam w/ Dodrio. You can adjust the amount of damage Dodrio does by moving damage counters with Alakazam. (lefreak@wowmail.com)
  • Magneton w/ defender. You can do self destruct twice. (lefreak@wowmail.com)